Sunday, December 14, 2008

Inagural Beau Geste

This blog is the home of The Beau Geste, a monthly heavy combat tournament, and the Lapin Agile, a monthly rapier tournament, held at the Brooklyn Army Terminal fighter practice in the Canton of Brokenbridge, Crown Province of Ostgardr, Kingdom of the East.

A "Beau Geste" is a great or gracious but eventually meaningless gesture. The first Beau Geste was held today. There were seven fighters:

Lord Oscad de Segovia
Sir Valgard
Lord Vasillis
Lord Luis de Castillo
His Excellency Alexandre, Viceroy of Ostgardr

The winner, who will be called "le Beau Geste" till the next tourney, is Sir Valgard (that would be me).

A "Lapin Agile" is a nimble rabbit, named for the rabbit on the Brokenbridge arms.

Lord Llewellyn will mail me the names of the competitors. The winner was Jonathan Connelly, who shall be known as "le Lapain Agile" for the next month.