Monday, April 6, 2009

April Beau Geste

The Beau Geste tournament was yesterday, and it started out looking like it would be a big tourney. Sir Teric was there and in armor, as were myself, Gui, Oscad, Vasili, Wulfgar and Avran. But I had a migraine and almost puked in my helmet, so I got out of armor. Gui and Teric were on a schedule and got out at the same time. That left Wulfgar, Avran, Vasili, and Oscad. It was running late. We fought a simple single elimination, each round two out of three. I had them draw straws for the first pairings. Wulfgar beat Avran in the first set, then Oscad beat Vasili 2 and 1. In the finals, Oscad beat Wulfgar, becoming the first two time winner of the Beau Geste.

Vive la Beau Geste!

Alaric won the Lapin Agile rapier tourney. Vive le Lapin Agile!