Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Beau Gestge Tournament

Congratulations to Oscad de Segovia, winner of this month's Beau Geste Tournament!

There were eight fighters in the round-robin list: Lord Oscad, Vasili, Ervald the Optimistic, Roderic, Wolfy, William, Everett and Timoor of Ostgardr.

Oscad was victorious with six wins and one losss. Second place was Roderic, with five wins and two losses. Third place was a tie between Vasili and Timoor, with four wins and three losses.

Kudos to Lord Ervald, who fought at different times with Sword and Shield, glaive, and sword and dagger. Timoor fought the entire list with single broadsword and gave Lord Oscad his only loss. It was a really good tourney.

Vive le Beau Geste!