Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Beau Geste at 100 Minutes War

Because of the holidays and scheduling conflicts we held the Beau Geste tournament at 100 Minutes War. As a result, it was by far the largest tournament that we have held in the series. It was big enough, and it was so cold and late, that we didn't even have a sign in sheet. As a result, I don't know the names of everyone who competed. I apologize to those I leave out.

I think there were 23 fighters competing, but i could be wrong, These included Sir Bryce and Sir Ragnar from Atlantia, Lady Beatrix from Aethelmarc, Avran, Tormunder. Ionis, Karl, Ansel, and the Mayer clan.

The finalists were Sir Ragnar and Ionis, Ionis won 2/1. Ragnar received the baner.

Vive Le Beau Geste!