Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 2010 Beau Geste

This month's Beau Geste was contested today by five fighters: Hildemar, Zumi, Johnathan, Oscad, and Jabril. I ran it with three rounds of round robin. Everybody had to fight everybody else three times. In the first round, the person with the lowest precedence got to choose weapon forms (though they could choose fighter's choice). In the second round the fighters with the higher precedence chose weapons. It was mostly weapon and shield fights, but we did have some good pole arm fights in Zumi's rounds (I am very impressed with her. She fights like she has had a fair amount of Kendo training, because her style is true classical Japanese, not SCA Japanese). The third round was single sword at the barriers.

Jabril, because he arrived late, had to fight his first two rounds straight through, eight fights in a row. In the end, he won the tournament with nine total victories out of 12 fights--a truly impressive feat of prowess.

Vive le Beau Geste!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 2010 Beau Geste

This month's Beau Geste was held this past Sunday. There were six fighters: myself, William Vincenti, Vasillis, Timur, Avran, and Baron Alexander. It was a round robin, best two out of three, with each fighter starting on his knees once and then, if there was a third fight, both standing. Lots of great fighting. It came down to the very last set of fights, as both I and Vasillis had one loss. In the end I was victorious.

Next Month's Beauu Geste will be held on Sunday April 18.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The winter doldrums

have set in deep, and there was no Beu Geste last weekend. Myself and Vasilis were both there, but decided it wasn't enough to hold a tournament. He was busy fencing, so we didn't get into heavy armor at all. Next month, 3rd Sunday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Janyary 2010 Beau Geste

The winner of this month's Beau Geste tournament was the new Kings Champion, Oscad de Segovia. There were five fighters in the tournament: Oscad, Vasilis, and three visitors from Settemore Swamp: Johnathan, Edward, and Brother Simon. Vasilis (who was fighting right handed, hitting harder than a Mack truck, and doesn't know how good he's gotten) was in the finals. In keeping with His Majesty's proclaimation about crown tourney, the finals were three of five with mixed weapons. It was one of the most entertaining finals I've seen in a long time. They didn't even make it to the sword and shield round. They fought pole arm, two sword, single-sword at the barrier, and bastard swords without thrusting tips. It was a great tourney. Some of the fights, (unfortunately not the finals) are below.